Description. The garden is situated in a detached house living area and the living house is built in a conventional style. The house has three entrances - the main entrance from the front side, the household entrance and the summer entrance. The garden is average size, it has a representative area in front of the house by the street and a quiet backyard on the other side of the house. The garden has established pavement and already some existing plantings: some decorative shrubs and a hedge, made of thujas as well as beautiful birch trees growing in a stand by the street.


Client's requirements. The client wanted to take up an inventory of the existing plantings, which were not well organized and to rearrange them. The client also wished to plant some perennials and summer flowers closer to the summer terrace, since the existing plantings were all planted too far away from the resting place. Another important issue was to screen views from the neighbouring properties and to plant something in front of a blank wall on the border. Instead of the traditional thuja hedge the client wished something more interesting.


Garden design - garden project, geometrical garden, garden plan

Design concept. On the right side of the driveway there are four beautiful birch trees growing and no plantings underneath are necessary. There is a romantic view from the street towards the living house through the waving birch branches. Birches also take a lot of nourishment from the soil and they have quite a wide root system, so other plants are not keen to grow under birch trees. 

On the other side of the driveway there are plantings, which have decorative properties all year: thujas of different sculptural forms, junipers, evergreen Mahonia aquifolium, which will flower in the spring with yellow flowers, and Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima', which has white tabby leaves in the summer, white flowers in the spring and beautiful red stems in the winter. In the view from the house entrance there will be perennials, which have a longer flowering period: Campanula carpatica with white flower bells, Leucanthemum maximum ‘Silberprinzessen' with white flowers, Gailardia ‘Kobold' with yellow flowers and Salvia x superba ‘Blaukönigin' with upright blue flower candles. Evergreen junipers compose the decorative winter aspect of this flower bed and Spiraea arguta will be all covered with white flowers in the spring.

By the main entrance annual flowers will be the most colorful layer in the summer, which will contrast rapidly with the purple leaves of Heuchera micrantha ‘Palace Purple'. Stephanandra incisa ‘Crispa' will make a beautiful ground cover for an alone standing tree Laburnum alpinum, which will flower with amazing yellow hanging inflorescences. The main entrance is accented with geometrical form evergreen plants: round Thuja occidentalis ‘Globosa', the existing Juniperus sabina ‘Variegata', behind which the cone formed Juniperus scopulorum ‘Blue Arrow' will be planted. Near the stairs the decorative grass Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrina' with tabby leaves will be planted.

On the north side of the house shade tolerant perennials are planted in symmetrical composition towards the side entrance: Hosta ‘Undulatta Univitatta', Matteucia struthiopteris and Astilboides tabularis with enormous green leaves of a decorative form.

On the south side on the other hand different sorts of scented roses and Salix integra ‘Hakuro Nishiki' with white, green and pink leaves is planned. The summer terrace has existing ornaments of squares established in the pavement. The design projects to establish two colorful flowerbeds on both sides of the rest area as the client wished to plant flowers closer to the terrace. The form and arrangement of the flowerbeds reflects the ornaments in the pavement.

In the distant right corner of the garden there is another group of plants, which will flower abundantly and which will be viewed from the terrace and from the windows of the house. Hydrangeas will flower with big white inflorescences all summer, which will contrast with the dark red leaves of Physocarpus opulus ‘Diabolo'. In the front there will be Spiraea japonica ‘Arnold' with pink flowers and Pentaphylloides fruticosa ‘Goldfinger' with yellow flowers, which both have a long flowering period. A row of Forsythia ovata will create a beautiful view from the house in early spring.

The territory is screened from the neighbour's garden by a clipped hedge of thujas, which is interrupted rhythmically by free growing Thuja occidentalis ‘Alba', which have a tabby white foliage. The blank wall on the border, that the client wished to screen by plantings, creates a full shade in the garden, therefore a row of Taxus baccata is planned beside the wall, which can grow in full shade conditions.


Garden design - garden project, geometrical garden, plant photo Juniperus scopulorum 'Skyrocket'
Garden design - garden project, geometrical garden, plant photo Heuchera micrantha 'Palace Purple'
Garden design - garden project, geometrical garden, plant photo Festuca cinerea
Garden design - garden project, geometrical garden, plant photo Stephanandra incisa 'Crispa'
Garden design - garden project, geometrical garden, plant photo Juniperus conferta

Front garden plants

Garden design - garden project, geometrical garden, plant photo Rudbeckia fulgida var sullivantii 'Goldsturm'
Garden design - garden project, geometrical garden, plant photo Astilboides tabularis
Garden design - garden project, geometrical garden, plant photo Sedum telephium

Autumn flowerbed

Garden design - garden project, geometrical garden, plant photo Lobularia maritima
Garden design - garden project, geometrical garden, plant photo Lavandula angustifolia

Scented plants by the terrace