Description. The garden is situated on a forest side and it has a beautiful stand of oaks growing beside the street. On the opposite side there is a hill and a beautiful view towards a wild meadow. Wild animals can be seen in the meadow time by time. The garden has a steep slope towards the neighbouring territory, which creates problems in the spring, when the snow melts and water comes down the slope and causes soil erosion.


Client's requirements. The client wanted to screen the garden from the street partly, by leaving an open view towards the house. Also the beautiful view towards the meadow should be left open. In front of the house a parking lot should be planned for at least three guest cars and also an overhang with a barn for the owner's car. A household area should be planned by the barn. The erosion problem with the slope should be solved. The client wanted a terrace by the summer entrance, a children's playground, a fireplace and a vegetable garden with a compost heap. Also the placement for a basement building should be projected, which will be constructed later.


Garden design - garden project, forest garden, garden plan

Design concept. The design concept is to match the garden layout lines to the existing natural terrain and to create a colorful frame for the beautiful view towards the wild meadow.

The front area of the house is left open from the road to provide a parking space for guest cars - in bigger family events five cars can be parked there. From the parking area also a closed overhang for the owner's car can be accessed. A gate connects the parking area to the household zone with a barn. Construction materials can be stored there and it is also suitable for different household activities like washing the car etc.

On the other side of the house just in front of the main entrance the representative zone of the garden is situated. The plant composition in the representative zone is created from evergreen conifers, rhododendrons, plants with decorative leaves all through the season and evergreen perennials.

In the corner by the street, which is seen from the main entrance and parking area, under the existing oaks the spring plant composition is situated. Shrubs and small trees flowering in early spring are combined with forest type ground cover. By the east facade of the house a rhythmical composition is created from shrubs with a long flowering period and sculptural conifers.

In a long distance view towards the neighbouring garden berry shrubs are planted mixed with beautiful evergreen Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Filifera' and with high flowering perennials in the front layer.

The vegetable garden with a compost heap is situated in the furthermost corner of the garden and it is screened by a row of flowering hydrangeas.

The fireplace is planned on the top of the existing hill embraced by a group of plants in a safe distance. The plants in this group are most decorative in the hottest months of the summer. The hill is covered by a meadow type lawn, which will give the hill a natural look.

The children's play area starts with a slide down the hill and continues in the intensive maintenance lawn with a sandpit, swings, equipment for climbing and other activities.

The planned basement is sinked in the existing hill so, that only the entrance is visible. The entrance is encircled by large stones, which continue in retaining walls on both sides from the entrance. The meadow from the hill continues further around the house, where the beautiful Rhus typhina tree is planted just in direct view from the household entrance.

The problematic slope is paved with big stones on the lowest level and arranged in step like several levels upwards the slope. The levels, which are not directly under water, are planted with stone garden plants. The soil is fastened by a special geotextile material and covered by pebbles, so that it couldn't be brought away by the water.

The summer terrace on each side borders with richly flowering plantings. The south side of the house is planted with roses, hydrangeas, Spiraea japonica ‘Macrophylla', Pentaphylloides fruticosa flowering with yellow flowers and abundantly flowering perennials. Towards the west side of the house the plant group turns into an autumn flowerbed.  


Garden design - garden project, forest garden, garden phohto
Garden design - garden project, forest garden, garden phohto

Living house


The garden design is planned in natural lines as a colorful frame to the existing beautiful views towards a meadow and forest


Garden design - garden project, forest garden, garden plant photo, Lupinus polyphyllus
Garden design - garden project, forest garden, garden plant photo, Phlox paniculata 'Landhochzeit'
Garden design - garden project, forest garden, garden plant photo, Cimicifuga simplex
Garden design - garden project, forest garden, garden plant photo, Hemerocallis 'Something'
Garden design - garden project, forest garden, garden plant photo, Paeonia x suffruticosa
Garden design - garden project, forest garden, garden plant photo, Rudbeckia fulgida var sullivantii 'Goldsturm'

Higher perennials in the rest area in a long view from the terrace and house windows