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The garden is situated on an island of a river. The island has great nature values - a beautiful coast of the river and a forest. There are outstanding views towards the water and to a church on the river bank. In the middle of the island there is an open area covered by grass. There is also one existing road, which enters the island and leads towards the north edge of the island.

Dārza dizains - dārza projekts, dārzs ar lielu lapeni, 3D dārza vizualizācija


The garden is situated in a hot climate  zone. There is a monumental living house, constructed in a classical architecture style. The garden area is quite big and it is surrounded by a high wall. There are two cabins for security officers on both sides of the garden entrance. The entrance gate is made of beautiful metal ornaments. There are two buildings in the territory - the living house and the household building. An overhang is planned for two cars on the South side of the house.

Dārza dizains - dārza projekts, liels dārzs ar dīķi, 3D dārza vizualizācija


The garden has a large territory. The territory has been used for armed forces previously and from that time fundamentals are left in the North corner of the territory and two hills as well as some old pavement. In the middle of the garden there is a beautiful birch stand. The owners have established a pond, planted some fruit trees and flowers. There is an existing mini-golf field by the street.

Dārza dizains - dārza projekts, dizaina biroja priekšdārzs, 3D dārza vizualizācija


The project is situated in a hot desert climate zone. The client is a design company, which wants to plan a front garden for the office. There is a 6 m wide zone for the garden in front of the company gates. The territory is bordered by a high brick and concrete wall and it has beautiful gates, made of metal ornaments.

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The garden has a long shape and it is situated with a short side towards the street. All other sides are bordering to neighbouring gardens. The living house is situated at the furthermost end of the garden, but a household building with a garage and barn is situated nearby the street. From all sides the garden is enclosed by a fence and some unpleasant looking neighbour's walls. There are big existing trees in the garden as well as in the neighbouring properties, therefore the garden is quite shady. Only the middle part of the garden is sunny. There are also some existing shrubs in the garden, a hedge of hawthorns towards the south side and wooden retaining walls on a slope in the south corner. Also a small piece of pavement is established on the path by the house entrance.

Dārza dizains - dārza projekts, izīrējamu mājiņu pagalmi, 3D dārza vizualizācija


The project area is situated in the hot desert climate zone. 2 - storey high villas are a part of a hotel complex. The villas are located in a beautiful place with a view towards water. Each villa has a pool and an outdoor terrace with a shower.

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The Royal Villa garden is situated in a hot desert climate zone. It is a part of a luxury hotel complex. The Royal villa is a 3 - storey house with a view towards the water, intended for renting to one family. There is a long narrow space along the East side of the building, separated by a high wall from the street and bordering to a sea coast on one side.

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The deer garden property has a large size of many hectares, which consists of beautiful wild meadows and forest land. The territory is completely natural, where the beauty of nature is exposed in it's full flourishing. Meadow flowers grow in the wild, birds sing and fly in the sky and deer graze in the pastures around the living house. The territory is intended for organizing hunting undertakings. There are two buildings on the site - a living house made of horizontal beams and a barn. There are also beautiful ruins of big stones on the property.

Dārza dizains - dārza projekts, daudzdzīvokļu māju pagalmi, 3D dārza vizualizācija


The project area is situated in a hot desert climate zone. There are three inner yards of apartment buildings. The yards are surrounded by a wall with rhythmically placed columns. The pedestrian movement is organized in passages around the yards. The yards' main function is representation - they will be viewed from the house windows. There is an existing pool in each yard constructed of three pools connected by a narrow stream. There are a lot of manholes for communication lines in each yard, which create obstacles for the design.

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The guest house "Annas Hotel" is situated in a beautiful hilly country area, which borders a lake and has two large ponds and a forest inside the territory. The territory used to belong to a manor house, which is not preserved to the present time. After large scale excavation works remains of the manor house have been found and the whole basement floor of the house has been uncovered. The main hotel building is situated in the former barn of the manor house complex.

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The garden is situated in a hot desert climate zone. The garden has quite a large size and newly established plantings along the border wall. The main area of the garden is taken by a pool with a Jacuzzi and a cocktail bar symmetrical to the central axis of the garden. There is existing pavement made of concrete planks around the pool.
Dārza dizains - dārza projekts, garas formas dārzs, dārza plāns


The garden is situated in beautiful surroundings of a newly built living village near a forest. The garden has a long shape - from the street side there is a small front yard and the living house and from the forest side there is a sauna building. Next to the sauna there are big existing pines connecting the garden to the forest. On both opposite sides the garden is bordering to the neighbour's gardens. The territory terrain is flat.

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The hotel is situated in a hot desert climate zone. It has a vast area of apartments and villas and a huge outdoor recreational complex, consisting of pools, children's playgrounds, terraces and sunbathing areas, plantings etc. There is a wide water channel coming from the sea, which embraces the hotel territory from two sides.

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The territory of the garden is situated in a country surroundings, it has quite a large area - 7200 m2. The existing values of the territory is a beautiful large oak and an old avenue of ash-trees. The living house is designed in a modern, untraditional shape - it's conception is to merge the building with the surrounding landscape, therefore it is planned to establish a "green roof" for the building. The building also unifies the old and the modern as old stone walls are maintained in one part of the building. The same type of stone walls have survived the time in ruins in the middle of the territory.

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The garden is situated in a hot desert climate zone in a yard between university staff accommodation buildings. Two buildings are existing and one is being constructed at the moment of project development. There are three directions of pedestrian movement through the territory: one on the South - East side beside the existing building, second on the North - East side and third from South to North diagonally across the territory.

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The garden territory is situated in a sea resort city nearby a beautiful pine forest. The site has outstanding natural values: the closeness of the forest and sea, natural blueberry ground cover and the wooden architecture of the living house, which merges naturally with the forest. The territory also has noteworthy height differences - the house is situated on a natural dune hill and the terrain goes down from the house to all sides.

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The garden is situated in a city, on the crossing of two quiet streets by a wooden house and garage building, made of white bricks. The territory contains a small green area between the house and the street. Beside the neighbouring street there is a railroad.

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The garden is situated on a forest side and it has a beautiful stand of oaks growing beside the street. On the opposite side there is a hill and a beautiful view towards a wild meadow. Wild animals can be seen in the meadow time by time. The garden has a steep slope towards the neighbouring territory, which creates problems in the spring, when the snow melts and water comes down the slope and causes soil erosion.

Dārza dizains - dārza projekts, dārzs blakus ezeram, dārza plāns


The garden is situated directly on a lake shore, it has a beautiful wide view towards the lake. The living house is placed on a hill and the garden goes down the slope towards the lake. The living house has a hay roof, beautiful wooden columns, a white facade and big windows towards the lake. The project is sophisticated from the engineering point of view - there is a flood problem on the site since the water level of the lake is changing and part of the garden is periodically under water. The water causes soil erosion - it is being brought away by the flood. Former established lawn has been washed away together with the added layer of soil.

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The existing garden has two buildings - a living house and a pool house. The pavement is made of concrete pavers and the garden lamps are also existing. On the south side of the pool house there is a wooden terrace with a round area for barbecue. On the other side there is a small sand playground. The garden is surrounded by an existing hedge. The paths are bordered by hedges on each side, which restrict the movement across the garden.

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The garden is small, it is situated at the crossing of two streets. There is an overhang for car parking by the house and also the front side of the house is used for parking. The green area has a triangle form and it is situated in the corner near the crossing of two streets. Another special condition of this site is two corners on both sides of the house, which are covered by overhangs - as a result neither the grass nor any plants can grow in these areas.

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The garden territory is very small and most of it is occupied by the living house. The pavements are already established - a small area for car parking, which serves also as a path for walking around the house and a little terrace by the main entrance. There are some evergreen plantings including a thuja hedge in the front yard, which is partly decayed under two existing birches. On the opposite side the garden territory is surrounded by a hedge of Crataegus laevigata. On two sides the garden borders to a street.

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The real estate company office is situated in a detached house in a newly built housing area. There are no existing trees and the territory is mainly flat. On the south side it borders with a ditch.

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The garden is situated in a detached house living area and the living house is built in a conventional style. The house has three entrances - the main entrance from the front side, the household entrance and the summer entrance. The garden is average size, it has a representative area in front of the house by the street and a quiet backyard on the other side of the house. The garden has established pavement and already some existing plantings: some decorative shrubs and a hedge, made of thujas as well as beautiful birch trees growing in a stand by the street.